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Mel Buttle


Mel Buttle has been performing on the live comedy circuit since 2010 and has been gracing our TV screens on shows such as the The Great Australian Bake Off since 2015. She’s an accomplished comedian, writer and presenter and lives right here in the heritage city! Local shares her favourite spots around Ipswich




1. Miss Jackson Serving up Archer coffee and delicious pastries is (relative) newcomer to Nicholas Street, Miss Jackson. A bustling morning coffee line of local workers and those like me, who just woke up needing an almond croissant. They also have vegan treats! 2. Pumpyard Bar and Brewery It’s lovely to not have to drive into Brisbane for a gig. Ipswich Improv put on a great show, I love performing or just watching the show there. Come for the comedy, stay for the individual cob loaf on the pub menu. 3. York Street East Ipswich One of my favourite streets in Ipswich is the lush tree lined York Street in East Ipswich. I walk the dogs up here and drool over the big old houses. One day… 4. Clint's Farm Fresh Produce Clint's Farm Fresh Produce is another must visit. They’re only open Friday to Sunday because Clint spends the rest of the week driving out to farms collecting locally grown, top quality produce for his shop. Clint has spray free local veggies, and things you don’t see every day like heirloom tomatoes and cavolo nero. 5. North Ipswich Dog Park I love to grab a coffee and plonk myself down by the river while the dogs have a sniff around the North Ipswich dog park. In summer they can cool off in the boat ramp, then it’s off to Petbarn Booval for a bath.

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