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Top 7 Josh Kerr has walked three million steps around Ipswich photographing natural areas and businesses for Google maps. He knows some of the best locations to take a photo.


insta-worthy photo spots in Ipswich

By Josh Kerr Ipswich Trekker @joshbearmaster

With easily the best view of Ipswich Central, Lions Lookout is an obvious choice. Results will always be better in the morning or the afternoon, but this is a nice example of the kind of snaps you can get out this way. I shot this panorama with a DSLR fixed 100mm lens, 17 images stitched together.

Photographer: Greg Harm of Tangible Media

Joseph Brady Park rests on the intersection between the Bremer and Brisbane river systems. So right off the bat we've got ourselves a deep, wide body of water, still enough to reflect the sky with opposing banks rising out of the depths in varying shades of green. Joseph Brady Park has the ingredients of a top photo spot, with the afternoon sun casting a warm ambience from the west.

Winternationals – Being the home of the biggest drag racing championships outside of North America, a must-do for those visiting our city is a visit to Willowbank Raceway . It’s a rare opportunity to capture motorsport action, an interesting addition to anyone’s Instagram portfolio. The image was captured at the main drag strip at Willowbank during Winternationals, with a super wide 8mm.

Wildlife photography requires time, patience, kit and often a trip to the bush. Unless you're savvy enough to go where a whole arsenal of our most rare and precious animals live... the Ipswich Nature Centre . You too have the power to snap a pic of a spotted- tail quoll as she practices parkour around her enclosure. An animal so rare that most of you will likely never have seen one outside.

Photographer: Sarah Mills

This photo is proof that you don't need anything fancy to take some fantastic shots. Taken at Riverheart Parklands in the boardwalk section closest to Bob Gamble Park , a stunning cascade of golden brilliance reflecting down the river at sunset is all you need for the perfect shot. This is the result of some good angles, an iPhone 7 and a favour from the sun.

Well, we're back to Willowbank Raceway for the much beloved country music festival, CMC Rocks QLD . It goes without saying that festival pics are a must when it comes to a well fleshed out Insta profile… So it's convenient that Ipswich hosts Australia's biggest international country music festival.

This one is a hidden gem and unique enough to warrant a mention. The mighty Canberra Bomber of Willowbank is a full sized, decommissioned Vietnam War-era aircraft that sits perched atop its mount, right outside Willowbank Caravan Park . It's a great spot, for a shot of an iconic Aussie warbird.


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