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Stellar stargazing Looking for an amazing stargazing experience? Ipswich is the place to be! With its dark night skies and expansive countryside, Ipswich is

1. HIDDEN VALE is one of the top stargazing destinations in Ipswich. Located just outside of town, this sprawling property features wide open fields with little to no light pollution, making it the perfect spot for a clear view of the stars. For the best results, you'll want to book in with Spicers Hidden Vale (pictured) and settle in for your own personal showing of the heavens.

2. For an equally immersive stargazing experience, another great option is to check out the MOON RISE TOURS with Ranger Jody. This unique tour offers exclusive access to the White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate after dark, for an entirely different point of view. If a decent hike, some wildlife and then some stars is your cup of tea, this one is the choice for you.

a prime location for stargazing. For an unforgettable night-sky experience, read on!

3. HARDINGS PADDOCK is another great option for stargazing enthusiasts. This quiet little extension of the Flinders–Goolman Conservation Estate offers plenty of space for outdoor activities, as well as amazing views of the night sky. Even a stargazing novice with an entry level telescope will be able to make some stellar observations out here!

4. While you're at it, why not check out IVORY’S ROCK , in Ipswich. With the dark silhouette of Flinders Peak draped across the horizon and its sparse country population, this events and camping venue offers the perfect combination of dark skies and scenic beauty. It's a top choice for both amateur and professional astronomers alike. Whether you're looking to marvel at the bright stars or catch sight of distant nebulae and galaxies, Ivory’s Rock has something for everyone.

By Josh Kerr Ipswich Trekker @joshbearmaster


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