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If you’re feeling run down and are looking for a new way to put some spring in your step, here’s a few alternative options to boost your wellbeing. Alternative


Light Kinesiology

Improve your health and your look Whether you want to relax and unwind or get some relief from pain and discomfort Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa can help, with physiotherapy and osteopathy through to acupuncture, beauty therapy and spa treatments. Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa also achieved Best of Queensland recognition last year, ranking them one of the best in the business. Recharge your body, mind and soul The Sacred Collective is a safe space for women to reset and recharge each month with meditation and sound healing when the moon is full. Krysia Soul Star and Courtney Rodgers will guide you to relax and heal the body, mind and spirit. The circles are held at Studio 4305. Soothe the soul with smooth sounds Keep the stress of life at bay with regular sessions of Sound Healing Meditation at The Soul Nook Collective . Krysia Soul Star uses crystal-infused energy to guide you towards a connection to your higher truth.

City Cave Ipswich

Sacred Cow Yoga Studio

Grow your garden and your mind At a visit to Trevallan Lifestyle Centre you can get some help in growing your mind as well as your garden. This wellness gem is the perfect place to gain a slice of serenity in your life. Access a wealth of horticultural knowledge, treat yourself with some hard-to-find plants and empower yourself at one of the regular workshops and events on offer. Move your body toward inner peace Learn how to incorporate mindfulness and contemplative practices into your everyday life with a yoga class at Sacred CowYoga Studio . Sacred Cow offers restorative yoga, yoga for back care, yoga as a healing modality, meditation courses and more.

Say goodbye to hidden stress If you want to restore your entire being to balance, Light Kinesiology can help. Kinesiology is a way of bringing your subconscious stressors and blocks into conscious awareness so you can process, heal, and grow your own understanding of yourself. It can help with physical, emotional, nutritional, neurological, mental, social, energetic and spiritual needs. Float your cares away Whether you need to relax, rest and repair, relieve pain and inflammation, detoxify, or get a massage, City Cave Ipswich has you covered. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try float therapy or use the infrared sauna to help detoxify while naturally helping relieve pain and inflammation.

The Sacred Collective


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