Environment Matters Autumn/Winter 2023

Over time many of Ipswich’s natural wetlands have been filled or removed. Projects to create new wetlands are restoring this important waterway function in our urban areas.

JIM DONALD WETLANDS A constructed wetland in Eastern Heights is being rejuvenated through the ongoing work of Bushcare volunteers. They are removing weeds and replanting with native species to boost the natural function of this important space. As well as being an urban habitat for plants and animals, water filtered through the wetlands is used to irrigate the nearby playing fields. A community planting day in October 2022 had 57 people help put 220 plants in the ground. There were also 35 species of bird recorded on the day. It’s easy to become a Bushcare volunteer! See the Volunteer Portal at Ipswich.qld.gov.au/volunteering

Social benefits The natural area adds visual appeal to neighbourhoods and provides urban cooling benefits

Shade and oxygen

Re-hydrating landscape Slowing and holding water allows it to seep into the soil, with water also used to irrigate sport fields

Plants in the water provide oxygen and shade which helps reduce harmful algae bloom

Jim Donald Wetlands


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