Environment Matters Spring/Summer 2019

Have you found a baby bird? Spring and early summer are traditionally the times we find baby birds on the ground. There are some


Identification: what kind of baby have you found? Some babies are born in a nest, without feathers (altricial). They need a parent’s help to survive the cold and to be fed until they can fly and look after themselves. An altricial baby can be put back in the nest if it can be reached. Otherwise, using a small container with holes in the base for drainage and lined with some soft material, place it in the fork of a tree close to the nest – watch for the parents to come and feed. If they do not feed the little one then it needs to go to a wildlife carer. Other babies are born with feathers and are able to self-feed from day one (precocial). They may still need protection from predators, so look for the parents before picking up the bird. 2 Does it need to be rescued? Many baby birds are taken into care as fledglings; they may just be learning to fly and they have landed on the ground. If the parents are there, then simply make sure the bird is out of harm’s way. 3 Is it injured? A bird with an injury needs a veterinarian. Most vets will take in an orphaned or injured bird, assess it, and then hand it on to a wildlife carer when the time is right. 4 Can you keep the cute little critter? No; it is illegal to take any native animal from the wild, even if it falls at your feet!

things to think about BEFORE picking up the little one...

For more information, visit: Orphan Native Animal Rear and Release Association Incorp. Onarr.org.au RSPCA: Phone – 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625)

‘Baby Bird’ by K Connell, 2018 p’comp

Aussie Backyard Bird Count 21-27 October

It’s that time of year again, time to get out and get counting. Spring is the perfect time to spend 20 minutes outside, enjoying some fresh air and taking in some of the local birdlife. Download BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Bird Count app to participate in this year’s count – it doubles as a handy field guide in between events.

‘Are you serious!’ by K Hellmech, 2018 p’comp



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